The chub is far from the most popular fish, and its name is not even heard by people who are far from fishing. This is explained by the fact that the number of the chub population is several times lower than that of the same bream and roach. And this fish has no special gastronomic qualities. But among fishermen, the chub is almost the most popular “character”, because the ability to fish this extremely cunning and cautious fish is considered the height of fishing skill!

Origin of the species and description

Photo: Chub

Photo: Chub

According to its habits and morphometric characteristics, the red-finned predator is a typical fish for freshwater reservoirs in the south and central Russia. According to the accepted classification, the chub (like most fish that live in the rivers of Russia, belongs to the carp family). Considering its size, it is considered to be quite a large fish. Adults reach a size of 80 cm and a body weight of about 8 kilograms.

Other names for this fish, which have taken root among the people, are “head” or “smut”. Their origin is most likely associated with the large forehead of this fish. This feature of appearance is explained by its flattened shape. In appearance, this predator is incredibly beautiful and bright. The chub, with its scarlet lateral and dark red dorsal fins, with large scales, cast in the color of old silver (this is due to the presence of dark dots on the scales), is considered the most mysterious and cautious fish of freshwater reservoirs.

Video: Chub