What do garter snakes eat?

What do Garter Snakes Eat

If you have ever found a garter snake slithering around your backyard, you might be surprised to know that the eating habits of this type of snake are actually doing your yard some good. A garter snake’s diet can help control insects and rodents that might otherwise overrun a yard or garden. But what do garter snakes eat?

In general, the garter snake is not a picky eater, but it is carnivorous, which means that it sticks to eating insects and animals. The diet may change depending on the type of garter snake and where it lives, however this brave snake will basically eat anything that it can kill. The garter snake also swallows its food whole.

Insects such as grasshoppers and crickets are appetizing to the garter snake. This snake also enjoys slugs, earthworms, leeches and tadpoles.

Medium-sized meals for the garter snake include amphibians such as salamanders, frogs and toads. A garter snake will also eat reptiles such as lizards.

Garter snakes are likely to find plenty of food sources in or near water. Some of the fish that type of snake will eat includes bluegill, golden shiners and creek chubs. Crayfish and other aquatic animals also make a regular meal for garter snakes.

Outside of the water, garter snakes are not afraid to hunt for birds and for bird eggs. If a garter snake crosses paths with an animal that it can defeat, then it is likely that the garter snake will do so. Rodents and mice that cannot escape a garter snake are sure to become its dinner.

One last place you might find a garter snake feeding is around dead animals, or carrion. Garter snakes are often seen on roads or highways eating the remains of squashed frogs and toads.

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