Where do cheetahs live

Cheetahs, world’s fastest land animal, are native to areas with large tracts of land with plentiful prey for hunting. You can find them in grasslands, savannahs, semideserts, and prairies. Cheetahs are not found in wetlands or forests, as they need wide open spaces to track and stalk their prey. Because of ranching and agricultural development in the types of areas cheetahs thrive, the cheetah population has decline and isn now in the “vulnerable” category on the endangered species list.

All cheetahs are native to Africa or southwest Asia. A very large number of cheetahs are native to the Masai Mara or Serengeti, which are large national parks in Eastern Africa. Cheetahs do, however, thrive in other open lands of Africa. One large population of cheetahs is located in Namibia, which is in southwestern Africa. While Namibia is home to a large number of cheetahs, that population has dropped in recent years due to cheetahs being killed by ranchers for preying on their cattle and sheep. There are efforts in place now to conserve the cheetahs of Namibia. A small number of cheetahs can be found in Iran in the Khorasan province. Cheetahs can also, of course, be found in zoos worldwide.

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