Where do dolphins live

Dolphins are mammals who live in oceans and some rivers. There are three main species of dolphin, which are the bottle nosed dolphin, the Atlantic spotted dolphin, and the Amazon River dolphin. These three types of dolphin are similar, but they live in various locations.

The bottle nosed dolphin is the most common type. They live all over the world in every ocean on Earth except the Arctic. They prefer warm water temperatures, though they can be found in some cool water locales.

The Atlantic spotted dolphin is, as its name implies, found in the Atlantic Ocean. This dolphin prefers the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, though they can be found in some southern locales like Florida and parts of Central and South America. This is the dolphin type often seen swimming with whales in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Amazon River dolphin is found in the warm waters of South America’s Amazon River. It is a freshwater dolphin, unlike the previously mentioned types. The Amazon and other rivers in northern South America is the only place these dolphins are found.

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