Where do giraffes live

Giraffes are truly unique animals. With their brown spots and long neck they are easily one of the most easily identifiable animals. They are the tallest land animal on the planet and weights roughly 2,630 pounds (1,190kg). They are so large adult giraffes do not have a lot of natural enemies. Lions will sometimes prey on adult giraffes, but giraffes have a powerful kick and can sometimes break a perusing lion’s spine. Where do giraffes live? Unfortunately they only live in Africa.

They can be found in Central Africa and South Africa. They use their long necks to munch on leafy tree tops. Their numbers are between 110,000 and 150,000. The largest of their population is in Kenya. Giraffes like forests and open plains so they live in I savannas, grasslands, and woodlands. The African savannah have a lot of acacia trees which makes up a large percent of their diet in their hot, dry environment. There are nine types of giraffes found in different parts of Africa. They can be identified by the different markings on them.

Giraffes can also be found in major zoos all over the world and tend to live a little bit longer in captivity.

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