Where do koalas live

Did you know that these cute little cuddly looking bears are not bears after all! As a matter of fact the Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is a pouched, tree living mammal. Their sharp claws and opposable digits allow them to spend almost all of their time in trees where they sleep 18 to 20 hours a day near the top of a tree and spend about 3 of their
awake hours, usually at night, eating an average of two and a half pounds of leaves a day.

So, where do Koalas live anyway? The Koala’s habitat are woodland areas that have certain types of eucalyptus trees because eucalyptus leaves are the main diet of the Koala although certain gum trees can also serve as a food source. Unfortunately the size of these forests has been decreasing over the years due to logging and development of the land. There remains only about 20% of usable forest left for the Koala’s habitat and food. The Australian Koala Foundation is trying to save as much of these forests as possible.

The Koala is found only in the following states of Australia: Queensland, New South Whales, Victoria and South Australia along the coastal areas of eastern and southern Australia and inland as far as there is enough rainfall to support forests.

Koalas are societal with each Koala having its own small group of trees. Although these groups of trees may overlap it is rare to see more than one Koala in a tree. They defend their territory with a grating call and a powerful scent. The Koala will probably stay in
one area all if its life.

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