Where do lions live

Lions prefer cool climates, but can adapt to warmer climates. Despite their nickname, King of the Jungle, lions do not live in the jungle or in rain forests. Where do lions live? They typically live in prairies, grassy plains, or woodlands. They live in a den or a lair and in prides. A pride is a pack of about 30 lions that live together in their pride’s territory. Lions are very territorial and each pride has their own territory usually about 25-100 square miles. Because they live in large prides and walk about 5 miles a day they need a large area to hunt and roam.

Lions were once found in Europe, south Asia, most of India, and throughout Africa. Today they are only live in Africa just south of the Sahara Desert and a very small region of India. The number of lions are decreasing due to poaching and the shrinking of their habitat. As you can imagine lions require a lot of room to live and hunt. The majority of lions now live in game refuges or national parks.

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