Where do monkeys live

Monkeys are mammals of the primate order and are classified into two categories, Old World Monkeys and New World Monkeys. In order to clear up any confusion Baboons are classified as monkeys but Apes are not.

Where do monkeys live?  Monkeys prefer the tropical rain forests of Asia, Africa, Central and South America.  Although they are good swimmers, monkeys do not live in wet lands. The monkey’s habitat may be in trees or on the ground depending on the terrain and the species.

Old World Monkey

The Old World Monkey is found in South Asia with a few species in Japan, North China and Africa. Most live in trees with the exception of the Baboon which lives on the
ground. The Old World Monkey includes the many species of Macca which are chiefly of Asian origin and are characterized by cheek pouches and a short tail. Several of these species are threatened or endangered. This is the species used most often in laboratory testing.

New World Monkey

The New World Monkey is found from South Mexico to Central South America except in the high altitudes. Most are very small and all reside in trees. They have long prehensile tails with which they can hang from tree branches and manipulate objects.

Regardless of classification, monkeys are fascinating creatures. They all have the same basic characteristics however some monkeys have been able to evolve over time and continue to adapt to new environments while others are having problems adapting to changes in or the depletion of their natural habitats.

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