Where do pandas live

Giant pandas are one of the few bear species that do not hibernate in the winter. One reason is because food in their habbitat is available all year. So, where do pandas live? Giant pandas are native to south western and central western China. The bears are mainly found in China’s Sichuan province, however they can also be found in Shaanxi and Gansu. These areas are mountainous, which is where giant pandas now thrive. There was a time before land development, such as farming and forest clearing, when giant pandas thrived in the lowlands, but they have long been forced into the higher elevations. The large amount of rain and mist in their mountain habitat make it perfect for bamboo growth, which makes up approximately 99% of this carnivore’s diet. Giant pandas are on the endangered species list. Of course, there are giant pandas scattered across the globe in zoo settings, there less than thirty total outside of the country of China.

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