Where do polar bears live

Polar bears are classified as a vulnerable species.  They numbers are dwindling rapidly mostly due to climate change and warming of the temperature.  They are one of the only land animals that are found exclusively in colder climates.  They are able to keep warm because they are the largest land dwelling carnivore and they have very thick fur.  Where do polar bears live?  They live in the northern hemisphere around the Arctic north polar region in the arctic ocean.

Polar bears can be found in icy or cold areas around water where they can hunt for seals.  Most of the polar bear’s diet is made up of seals which they typically hunt in cracks in the ice where seals come up for air.  There are only five countries that have polar  bears.  The United States has polar bears in Alaska, Russia has then in Siberia (northern Asia), Greenland, Norway, and northern Cancan in the arctic.

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