Where do raccoons live

Raccoons are excellent problem solvers and can manipulating things with their paws and fingers.  This makes them good at adapting to different and changing environments both in the wild and in urban areas. Where Do Raccoons Live?  The Northern raccoon which the main species that most people are familiar with are found in most of North America (Canada and the United States).  They can also be found in Mexico and Central America.   Raccoons have also been introduced into small parts of Europe and Asia (such as Germany, France, and Japan) where now a stable population can be found.  This is thought to be caused by raccons excaping captivity either from being in a zoo or bred for their fun.

The red panda was once considered a Procyonidea (Raccoon) which only lives in Asia, but has since been placed in its own family (Ailuridae).  All other kinds of raccoons live in the Americas such as the crab-eating raccoon which live in parts of Central and South America and on some nearby islands.

Raccoons usually live in a Forrest and like to climb trees to escape danger.  They do not prefer to live out in the open and do prefer a place near water where they can hunt.  What do raccoons eat depends on their environment.  They make dens in hollow logs, trees, or burrows left by other animals. Because raccoons normally do not build their own dens, in places where houses have replaced trees raccoons adapt to living in open attics, basements, drains, garages, or anywhere else they can slip into.

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