Where do sharks live

Did you know that certain types of sharks can be found in fresh waterways?

Here you will find out where do skarks live and about their habitat .

Habitat Featrues

  • Sharks inhabit every ocean in the world. They all require salt water with the exception of the Bull Shark and the River Shark which have adapted to surviving in both fresh and salt water making them a scientific curiosity.
  • Most sharks prefer temperate waters however the Greenland shark (sleeper shark) prefers the Arctic areas of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Sharks like the sand tiger may prefer shallow, sandy water near beaches and coast lines while others like the deep sea cat shark stay at depths of over 600 meters.
  • Some sharks stay in the same waters all of their life while others migrate like the Blue Shark which travels twice a year across the Atlantic to have their young.
  • Most sharks are solitary fish or are seen in pairs unless they are after the same prey however the hammerhead shark gathers by the thousands in the Sea of Cortez or off the Costa Rica coast.

Habitats of the four most dangerous sharks

The Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) has been found in every ocean and can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures but prefers temperate waters along coastal areas especially islands. It migrates north in the summer toward North America and South Africa but can be found off the coast of California all year. The great white hunts in shallow beach areas but also can be found at depths of 1200 meters. It may be found alone or in pairs. See more on where do great white sharks live.

The Oceanic White tip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) inhabits the open seas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans throughout the tropical belt at depths of 150 meters. It is rarely found in coastal areas. The white tip is a loner.

The Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is found in tropical and temperate seas. It has different habitats but prefers murky waters and volcanic islands. This shark has been found in estuaries and ports, near piers and embankments. It is a nocturnal hunter and stays in deeper water during the day. The tiger shark does not migrate but does cross the ocean between islands. It is solitary and often stays in the same area all of its life.

The Bull Shark (Caraharhinus leucas) inhabits continental coasts of tropical and subtropical oceans including high population areas. Because the bull shark has the ability to survive in fresh water it has been found in the rivers and even lakes in Nicaragua, South Africa, the U.S., Australia, India and in the Panama Canal. This shark hunts in shallow, murky areas. It is a territorial fish usually travels alone but may be found in a pair.

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