Where do skunks live

There are 11 different species of skunks. Nine of them are found in North America and the other two are found in Asia.

Where do skunks live

They are 4 types of hog nosed skunks found in North and South America, 3 types of spotted skunks found in North and Central America, 2 types of striped skunk and hooded skunk found in North America, and 2 types of stink badgers found in Southeast Asia.

They can be found in many different habitats. While they are common in a lot of urban settings they prefer forest edge or open areas. They are nocturnal which means they hunt at night. Skunks eat small animals such as mice, rats, birds, and insects like bugs and roaches.

Skunks usually take up residence in burrows they make with their powerful front claws or after other animals have done all the work. They can also live in hollow logs or shelters left unattended such as houses, barns, etc. In colder areas, some skunks may sleep in their nests for several weeks. Skunks are common in suburban areas, and can have encounters with dogs or other domestic animals, which makes the skunk release odor for protection and is very hard to get rid of the smell

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