Which animal can sleep for 3 years at a time

Eagle, kingfisher, pigeon, and Albatross are some examples of aerial birds. Butterflies, wasps, and fruit flies are some examples of aerial insects. Flying squirrels and bats are a few examples of aerial animals.

What are the example of aerial?

Answer: Examples of aerial animals are birds like vultures, albatross, flamingoes; insects like monarch butterfly; marsupials like bats; animals like flying squirrels. Explanation: Aerial animals are those that can soar, fly or glide naturally in the air.

Is Crow aerial animal?

∙ Out of the options, Crow is a bird and it can fly.

Is OWL an aerial animal?

Bats aren't the only aerial predator of night. Owls with their stealth abilities and quick moves dominate the night. Owls are known as the most silent flying animal.

Is Monkey An aerial animal?

Monkeys, squirrels and sloths spend their life living on trees. This is why we call them as arboreal. Q. Arboreal animals are also terrestrial animals.

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