White cockroach

For many years, the white cockroach has caused a lot of negative emotions and disgust in almost every person. This is due to the fact that they can often be found in the house. In addition, they are carriers of infections. But white cockroaches also cause a lot of bewilderment, because you can meet them extremely rarely. In fact, they are not a separate species of insects – a similar phenomenon is characteristic of different species during the molting period.

Origin of the species and description

Photo: White cockroach

Photo: White cockroach

In nature, it is extremely difficult to find pure white animals. This applies to any species, including cockroaches. These are called the combined concept of “albinos” (a genetic pathology in which there is no production of melanin – skin pigment).

There are various factors involved in this phenomenon. But in the case of cockroaches, the reason is often completely different. In any case, one must understand that when meeting with a white cockroach, in fact, a person always deals with an ordinary Prussian. The reason for this unusual color is that the cockroach has a fairly dense shell that is not able to stretch or grow with the animal. That is why he has to drop the chitinous coating. That is, when meeting a white cockroach, you need to understand that simply no more than a few hours have passed after molting.

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In total, such a phenomenon occurs in the life of a cockroach up to 7-8 times. Moreover, the phenomenon is possible in the life of any Prusak or cockroach, regardless of breed and size. For example, a huge African cockroach also turns white during the molting period. Very often it is not possible to see this period for the reason that at this particular time cockroaches are especially vulnerable. That is why they try their best to hide away. The shell is especially softened at this time, so the risk of damage to the animal’s body increases many times over.

In rare cases, unusual colors can be associated with a number of other reasons. For example, if cockroaches were exposed to various aggressive chemical components, their cover can change. The ingestion of bleach can lighten the chitinous shell. That is why, if the house decided to poison insects with folk remedies, one should be prepared for such unexpected consequences. The same applies to the effects of large doses of radiation on the body of a cockroach.

Appearance and features

Photo: What a white cockroach looks like

Photo: What a white cockroach looks like

The white cockroach is distinguished by its remarkable appearance precisely because of its shade. In fact, it may be a representative of a wide variety of species of these arthropods. Depending on which species the representative belongs to, its parameters depend. It is primarily about the color (often it is brown or black), as well as the length of the body. Cockroaches can reach a length of a centimeter to 15 cm.

Since cockroaches become white during the molting period, the appearance features are due precisely to the absence of a shell. Against this background, their body becomes narrower. Due to the lack of special protection, it looks more fuzzy. Simply put, there is no clear designation of the form. Cockroaches almost always have long whiskers, an oval elongated body.

Fun Fact: Cockroaches have wings. They are formed by a chitinous fold. But they don’t function at all.

Appearance is significantly different in cockroaches, depending on the species in question. For example, Prussians usually do not exceed 2-3 cm in length, while large black cockroaches can reach 10 cm. The jaws of cockroaches are very developed, since the mouth has a gnawing apparatus. With its front paws, the insect grabs food and directs it towards the mouth. White cockroaches during the molting period have a segmented body. After the shell is restored, the segments will no longer be visible.

Where does the white cockroach live?

Cockroaches are one of the most common representatives of the animal world. It is extremely difficult to find a place on the planet where they would not be. Even in particularly extreme conditions, they easily manage to survive, adapting to everything. That is why it is extremely difficult to single out any specific region where cockroaches live. They can live in houses in any city, on any continent.

If we talk about white cockroaches, that is, common during the molting period, then most often they try to hide away, choosing secluded dark corners for this. Not only molting takes place there – they try to wait until such a period until a sufficiently strong chitinous shell is formed in order to be able to protect themselves.

Bathroom, places behind furniture and under the sink, ventilation shafts, basements – these are the places where you can most often find arthropods. By the way, when they choose ideal habitats for themselves, they try to focus primarily on ensuring that water and food are located as close as possible. Liquid and nutrients are what an insect needs, especially during the formation of a chitinous shell. At night, they can get out of hiding and move freely around the kitchen in the direction of the bin, animal feeder.

Interesting fact: Often the appearance of white cockroaches indicates that the number of individuals increased.

What does the white cockroach eat?

Photo: Small white cockroach

Photo: Small white cockroach

The white cockroach, since at this moment he has a molt, needs a higher content of nutrients and fluids. These insects are extremely unpretentious in food. Basically, they can eat anything. Any waste is attractive to them. It can be bread, vegetables, but most of all arthropods prefer sweets. Baking, sugar – this is what will become a real treat for them.

Cockroaches do not disdain absolutely any food that can be found in the human kitchen. That is why attention is always so focused on the need to clean up after yourself, not to leave food leftovers on the table. The reason is that this is what attracts insects in particular, eventually provoking even more of their reproduction. At the same time, even in especially clean families, a similar problem can happen. This is due to the fact that cockroaches are quite free to find food in garbage cans. That is why the main habitat for them outside the houses are landfills.

Since a cockroach, like any other living creature, cannot do without food, in the case of living on the street, it is forced to find food near human habitats. That is why, nevertheless, cockroaches can be found much more often in cities. By the way, in fact, brown Prussians often become residents of houses and apartments. Black cockroaches are very rare in houses. Under natural conditions, it can also feed on small insects, the remains of fallen vegetables, fruits, berries.

Peculiarities of character and lifestyle

Photo: White transparent cockroach

Photo: White transparent cockroach

Cockroaches most often live in large colonies, trying to find a common habitat. They do not have any clear hierarchy. Although you can often find information that they have dominant individuals, as well as those that get food for them. Cockroaches do not have any special skills, as well as skills. That is why these insects are not considered highly organized.

They live mainly in human habitation or near it. Since this is the key to sufficient food for these arthropods. Otherwise, they do not have any special lifestyles. In addition, cockroaches are carriers of such dangerous infectious diseases as disinteria, dephthyria, various common poisonings and skin diseases. That is why people have been fighting with them so actively for many years.

Cockroaches are rather nocturnal inhabitants. During the day they are much less active. This is primarily due to the fact that they prefer to simply hide from people. That’s why it can be difficult to find them during the day.

Unlike many other insects, cockroaches do not hibernate. This is due to the fact that they live near human habitation and therefore are supplied with sufficient water, drink and comfortable living conditions all year round. Reproduction in these arthropods therefore also occurs all year round, without any cycle depending on the season.

Social structure and reproduction

Photo: Black and white cockroach

Photo: Black and white cockroach

Cockroaches breed very actively and in large numbers.

To do this, they need:

  • food;
  • water;
  • darkness;
  • warmth.

At low temperatures, insects die. High endure much better. Up to 50 days, a cockroach can do without food, without water 5. But if we talk about the breeding season, then much more nutrients are required at this time. Each sexually mature female breeds up to 5 times in her life. Each she produces up to 50 individuals. When the female reaches maturity, she begins to thin out some sort of scent to attract males. In turn, they find and fertilize the female.

The female reaches sexual maturity at about six months. In the process of mating, fertilization of all the accumulated eggs occurs. After that, a cocoon begins to actively form, in which the larvae are stored for about 3 weeks. When they get stronger, the female dumps it in a secluded place, where the larvae continue to actively develop and come out in a couple of weeks. Newborn cockroaches are white. After a few hours, they will darken.

Interesting fact: In some exotic species, pregnancy can last up to six months.

Virtually no toxic substances have an effect on egg laying. Therefore, you need to process the house several times to destroy the hatched individuals.

Natural enemies of White cockroaches

Photo: What a white cockroach looks like

Photo: What a white cockroach looks like

The main enemy of absolutely all types of cockroaches, including those during the molting period, is a person. This is quite understandable, since an open tough struggle has been waged against insects for many years now. For this, various methods are used, including folk remedies, various chemical components, poisons. In this case, all this is especially dangerous for the person himself.

Poisons are also dangerous for pets, which often become victims. And we are talking not only about eating poisoned foods, but also about the insects themselves, which are the source of infection in case of death from poisons. By eating the corpses of poisoned cockroaches, a cat or dog can also get seriously poisoned. But not only in apartments and houses, but also in the natural environment of the cockroach, a lot of different dangers await.

Their most serious enemies include:

  • turtles;
  • snakes;
  • lizards;
  • voles;
  • mantises;
  • scorpions;
  • hedgehogs;
  • birds;
  • rodents;
  • arachnids.

In addition, cockroaches can easily eat each other, attacking weaker relatives.

Interesting fact: In some countries, cockroaches are considered not only as household pests. Certain types of arthropods are a favorite delicacy.

Population and species status

Photo: White cockroach

Photo: White cockroach

The population of cockroaches and Prussians is simply huge. And it has been constantly growing. Despite the mass of various measures that people have taken to combat arthropods, their number has only recently begun to decrease. In the past, there were only more of them. Now it has already been possible to bring them out in many places, but in any case there are still a lot of them. This is due to the deterioration of the environment, the active development of radiation research.

There was talk that the black cockroach should be listed in the Red Book as an endangered species. But it didn’t go any further. Today, various exotic species are recognized as those that are subject to protection due to their rapidly declining numbers. Although, if we talk specifically about white cockroaches, then at this moment they are especially vulnerable, but no additional measures will be taken to protect them, of course.

Now the number of cockroaches and cockroaches is rapidly declining, but this is not at all means that someone plans to protect these species. Populations are already too significant. So it’s not worth talking about the danger of extinction of the species. The reason is the huge volumes of reproduction and the resistance of the population to external aggressive factors.

Thus, it should be noted again that the white cockroach is not something special, a separate species or a particularly dangerous representative. In fact, these are just ordinary representatives of the species during the period of dropping their chitinous shell. People have been fighting cockroaches for a long time, so they often consider only from the perspective of how to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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